• MENTEE has a special partnership with the U.N.'s PLURAL+ Youth Film Festival




    MENTEE provides immigrant, refugee, and low-income high school students with

    mentorship, cross-sector job shadows, professional training, and supports

    to do all we can to help students realize their dreams.

  • UN Sustainable Development Goals

    MENTEE aligns our work with

    SDG#4 Inclusive & Equitable Quality Education

    SDG#8 Increase Youth Employment Opportunities

    SDG#10 Reduced Inequalities Within and Among Countries


  • MENTEE is leveling the playing field!


    The best learning happens when devoted mentors share their knowledge and enthusiasm with the next generation. Through guidance, feedback, and reflection, MENTEEs build their own future!


    As a result of our cross-neighborhood cohorts, students come away with a larger view of the Chicago community and the world, and gain a circle of friends to help them as they move through high school and through life.


    With a variety of supports specific to the population we serve, MENTEE helps remove challenges and give our students a world of opportunity!

  • Who We Serve

    The student. Our sole focus is giving our students the connections and opportunities that may not naturally filter out to them. We are not about skills training that serves businesses alone—we are about experience training to serve MENTEE students.


    We aim to provide our MENTEEs plenty of options, valuable connections, and ample exposure in order to foster the confidence they need to make their next big move after high school.


  • FAQ

    Wondering what we do?

    Does MENTEE support CPS initiatives?


    Chicago students are now faced with the challenge of creating post-graduate plans by 2020. Among our most vulnerable populations are immigrants and refugees. We need to make sure they are supported and offered the opportunity to develop personalized plans through genuine experiences to assess real interests.

    Is MENTEE only based in Chicago?

    For now :)

    We love our city! MENTEE is looking to serve all of Chicago students who need us and bring what Chicago can teach to other parts of the country and world. We want to share best practices of support and guidance. Let us know if you would like to be a part of that growth!

    Are MENTEEs placed into an apprenticeship program?


    MENTEE aims to provide work-based learning exposure to teens. We do not wish to lock students into any one career path, or enter students into long-term agreements with businesses. Students need to explore the career options around them, learn what's possible, and decide for themselves, based on reflection and feedback, where to go next. Our program focuses on exposure to a variety of workspaces while offering the support students need to succeed in life!

    How does MENTEE specifically support immigrant and refugee students?

    We're glad you asked!

    We have created a program that helps immigrant and refugee students with language and literacy, social-emotional, and other supports they need to flourish. Our learners are particularly vulnerable, however each student has so much to offer! By providing mentorship and giving networks, allowing for exposure to cross-sector experiences, fostering professional skills, and supporting cultural identity, MENTEE can help bring a world of opportunity to our mentees!

    How can I get involved to support MENTEE?

    Thank you for caring!

    Would you like to become a mentor? Are you interested in partnering? Can you help support us in another way? Just let us know :)

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    What's with your logo?

    It's awesome, isn't it?

    Our logo icon is a West African symbol (adinkra) that means, "He who does not know can know from learning." It's a symbol that represents knowledge, life-long education and continued quest for knowledge. We infuse exposure to learning and exploration for all, regardless of societal standing, into our program, and our vision, structure, and actions are all deeply rooted in valuing the diversity and cultures of our students.