• What We Do

    We offer a 1-4 year program that places students into life-changing work experiences, creates strong mentor-mentee relationships, offers college credit rewards, exposes students to experts, & provides support for success!

    Understanding Skills and Interests

    As soon as a student joins MENTEE, they receive a complete aptitude and interest assessment, along with career recommendations. With this, we begin the conversation about how to apply these skills and interests in real life. Students develop more confidence talking about these skills and interests with future mentors and employers.


    We work with school districts and other organizations throughout Chicago to identify students who lack the network and connections to find mentors and workspaces. If you're interested in becoming partner, please click here!

    Ongoing Support for Students

    Our work doesn't stop after MENTEEPlacement. MENTEE keeps students in the fold, offering continued guidance and a strong support network to incubate them toward their version of success, whether that involves work, college, service or a combination of all of these!

    Become a MENTEEMentor!

    Our mentors don't just show our students around the office, they show students what their work-life balance is like, how they approach problems at work, and how they got to where they are today. If you're interested in becoming a mentor, click here!

    Donate to MENTEE Today

    We appreciate your contributions and rely fully on the generosity of others in order to make our mission a reality. In addition to supporting our work, 15% of all donations we receive will go to Three Spinners, Inc., NFP, a nonprofit dedicated to welcoming refugees and immigrants to Champaign-Urbana with immediate support for basic needs. Thank you for your support! Please donate here.

  • Who We Serve

    The student. Our sole focus is giving students the connections and opportunities that may not naturally filter out to them. We are not about skills training that serves businesses alone—we are about experience training to serve students.


    We aim to provide students plenty of options, valuable connections and ample experiences in order to give them the confidence to make their next big move after high school.


    MENTEE also provides personal support to the student through their mentor and cohort to help each student develop a larger vision of community, opportunity, and themselves.